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We are professionals throughout the whole supply chain and specialise in design, manufacturing and fitting of security doors and windows for over 9 years. The company offers a wide range of doors and windows for houses, apartments, vaults, hospitals, hotels, theatres and many other public and privately owned buildings.

Increasing number of burglaries is a huge concern in our society and we have a solution for it. Regular locks and chains are easily hacked without making too much noise. Most of such doors are made from poor quality materials used in mass production. The times are changing rapidly therefore you can’t take any risks on security. Traditional doors made from wood or plastic do not have a chance to withstand burglars nowadays. Regular doors also have poor thermal, acoustic insulation. By applying our knowledge and experience we help to improve security aspects.

Unique structure door consisting of metal profiles and steel sheets brings out all the difference. Only the most recognised locks in the world which can be manually controlled, electrical or even bio-metric. Our quality windows would also help you to keep you warmer longer and save a penny.

Manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce bespoke size doors and windows. Any style and shape burglary resistant or bulletproof glazing can be applied to maintain the security level. Our doors are continuously tested to ensure the highest security together with fire, smoke, wind, water resistance as well as excellent sound and thermal isolation properties and are certified according UK standards.

Highly motivated team is ready to evaluate your home or business facilities and match the best security options for you.
We allow our customers to be a part of the business and give the possibility to make their own door design. This way you can put your personal touch on the final product and make it unique.

We take attentive care of our customer’s from start till the final installation day and beyond. Our specialists will guide you throughout initial steps of selecting the right security parameters, locks and design variations. It’s our promise to give you full support regardless of the budget and create the door you always wanted – beautiful, invincible and simple to use. We personally assure you that our products will be fitted with the greatest possible attention to details.

“Knight’s Mark – for enhanced safety and peace of mind”

“Knight’s Mark – for a peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones”

“Knight’s Mark – for a peace of mind”