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Our Security Doors

High Quality Standard

Unique structure door consisting of metal profiles and sheets brings out all the difference. Made from steel and dressed in wood – waterproof UMIDAX, EDM, veneer or painted metal finishes so nobody can say that it’s a high security door. Mineral wool is placed inside for maximum sound and thermal isolation. Our doors have been acknowledged with various certificates. All our security doors can be made fire resistant up to 30 minutes. The security doors Knight’s Mark provides comes with a three directional locking system. You can have an optional secret door chain or additional door bolts upon request. Door leaf construction is created from closed metal sections and 1.5 mm (can be thicker, depending on the level of security you choose from) steel sheet from outside.

Due to sophisticated computer design software we can design and replicate any doors as well as replicate doors for conservation areas or listed buildings. We manufacture our doors that incorporate aesthetic values with high functionality and utility.

Recent projects

Over 200 design templates to choose from variety of door furniture: lever or fixed handles, centre knobs, letter boxes, spyholes, door numbers and an optional secrete door chain for unwanted forced entry. Any style or design doors. We personally guarantee that your property will definitely be secured from uninvited guests at all times.

Knight’s Mark Security Doors Premium Specifications:

The doors has been tested and certified against fire, push force and attempted break-ins. It offers you incredible noise isolation (44 dB) and thermal insulation (1.2W/m2K), as it has miner wool inside. Most importantly it gives the security against lock picking/bumping, cylinder drilling, forced entry, axes, hammer with chisel, screwdrivers, crowbars. The security doors holds a force of up to 1040kg. They have been tested and certified for 30 minute fire resistance. If the doors are ordered with glazing units, it would be triple glazed, toughened, laminated and specially treated for security.

Knights Mark Security Doors Fortress Specifications:

Level Fortress security doors has got an outstanding noise (50dB – can be higher) and thermal (0.99W/m2K – can be higher) isolation levels. It offers complete security against burglary or theft. This level security doors has went through extensive testing to achieve a very high level of resiliency. ‘Fortress Level’ doors are designed for buildings with high level of security needed. It can withstand heavy duty tools, light duty hydraulic tools and ramming. The locks are protected with 2 drilling resistant manganese plates. These type of doors are offered with an optional bullet-proofing and (or) blast proofing. Resistant up to 10mm bullet* and can come with a triple glazed or bulletproof window. Shop front security structures are also available with similar specifications. For further information please contact one of our team members.


Customer Feedback

Dee & Harry
Kent, ME7

Myself & Dee would like to thank you for our product, the service & installation. All aspects were described & communicated very well with care & professionalism from inception to completion. Needless to say we’re extremely pleased with the end result.

London NW3

They installed a fully electrified door that is operated via fingerprint scanner on the outside and a button on the inside – no key required. It looks like a regular door (with beautiful exterior) but is actually a massive, high-security steel behemoth that I know will keep my possession safe.

London N3

Just few lines to say that I am very pleased with my new front door. This product meets my security needs and looks perfect. The door itself is beautiful and very well made .Thank you for the excellent service!

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We are professionals throughout the whole supply chain and specialise in design, manufacturing and fitting of security doors and windows for over 9 years. The company offers a wide range of doors and windows for houses, apartments, vaults, hospitals, hotels, theatres and many other public and privately owned buildings.

Highly motivated team is ready to evaluate your home or business facilities and match the best security options for you.
We allow our customers to be a part of the business and give the possibility to make their own door design. This way you can put your personal touch on the final product and make it unique.