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Our bespoke sliding patio doors can create a real wow factor in your home. We offer standard and slim-framed sliding doors. Sliding doors flood the house with a lot of natural light and creates amazing framed garden views.

We can offer sliding doors from 350mm slim sight lines and any size possible. The doors would open effortlessly with one hand. What’s great about sliding doors is that they take minimal amount of space inside and outside. We can make the flush level with the floor.

We offer 4 different aluminium systems that you can choose from as we are not tied to one aluminium profile system. So why not just send us a message via free quote request or give us a call to discuss your potential new sliding doors

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If you don’t see the style that you are looking for, please enquire! All our security doors, sash windows and aluminium windows are made to order.

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We are professionals throughout the whole supply chain and specialise in design, manufacturing and fitting of security doors and windows for over 9 years. The company offers a wide range of doors and windows for houses, apartments, vaults, hospitals, hotels, theatres and many other public and privately owned buildings.

Highly motivated team is ready to evaluate your home or business facilities and match the best security options for you.
We allow our customers to be a part of the business and give the possibility to make their own door design. This way you can put your personal touch on the final product and make it unique.

*Maximum 3 files (10mb file limit).